easterfest was wondrous.

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Three years now without going to Easterfest. One thing I miss about Australia.


Anonymous asked:

I love you because you are kind, simple, and easy to talk to.

Thanks Anon. I assume we talk a lot, but did you just call me simple? :P


two of my favorite moments in Jesus’ life happen when He’s on the cross.
even on the verge of death He prays for His persecutors and accepts the thief hanging next to Him into His Presence.
patience and compassion and “it is finished” are a life-song.
i really wish i could tell you how much i love Jesus. my heart bursts.

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I wonder how they could yell Barabbas instead of Jesus.
I wonder how they sang Hosanna and days later, Crucify him.
I wonder how Pontius could wash his hands of it, as though a dirty conscience could be so easily cleaned.

But — I am Barabbas, sinner set free.
I yell Crucify him as I sing praises with ease.
I am Pontius, who turned a blind eye to glory.
And yet, so Christ still died for me.
Still he died, where I should be,
a perfect love on that tree.

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Yesterday my Savior died for me;
Tomorrow my Savior sets me free.

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This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

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Behold this day, for it was the day a God died so that we may live, a King breathed His final breath so that we may breathe new life. Behold the man upon the cross, for He cries “It is finished” and we now know the results of a world born again.

In the beginning God created the world, and it was good. Now, He died for the world so that it would be good once and for all.

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For all you 90s children out there. Bring back some memories and watch my really cool friends handslikehouses cover Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’. Great cover, great band, great song.


Mattie Montgomery’s speech at the Charlotte Warped date


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Clubs showing their support on the anniversary of the Hillsborough Tragedy.

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16 years of loyalty


720 matches of badassery


34 years of unintelligible dialogue


Captain, father, waiting to be knighted




Ladies and gentleman, James Lee Duncan Carragher


Jamie Carragher is the only gif on tumblr that’s ever mattered

Are we bringing this back??

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96 People

In April 1989, 96 people went to watch a football match and never came home. They went there to see their beloved Liverpool — and, today, a quarter of a century later, before one of the club’s biggest games ever, those fans were honored beautifully.

Afterward, led by their captain, Steven Gerrard — the paragon of loyalty in a sporting era that often rewards money-grabbing and title hunger far more than fidelity to a cause — they won the game, 3-2, and set themselves up for their first league title since 1990.

When the game finished, Gerrard had tears in his eyes — and while some of those were no doubt down to a mixture of relief, exhaustion, and the thrill of victory — a lot of them were down to something more.

Gerrard’s cousin, Jon-Paul Gilhooley, died at the stadium in 1989 when he was only 10. While most of the time we can freely admit that sports are just sports — and the narratives we spin are irrationally inflated to feed our obsession with a game — sometimes they are something way more important than that.

Sometimes, sports say a lot about life and help us heal wounds that we once thought never could even begin to heal — and today was one of those times. #JFT96 [Posted by Zack]